you are a reflection in the mirror that smiles back at me. you are my backbone. my confidant. and my keeper of all things to which i hold secret. you taught me what a smile was. you also taught me that it is okay to not always be wearing one. your shoulder is my home when i am weak. and my back is yours when life gets too much to carry alone.  thank you. thank you for finally after twenty years of excruciating living. of solitude. of loneliness and doubt. thank you for finally putting a face to the word friend.


you are out there. i know you are. i have experienced love. wild. passionate. real love. and i have also had those very things ripped from the tight grasp of my heart. you are cruel, but the world would not spin without you. so when i do meet you, know that i am ready. i am ready for wild. passionate. real. parallel paths cannot cross? i think not. i will take your hand and whisper let’s change this. let’s change the world. our world. let’s leave every mathematician out there speechless  and cross paths that were once parallel in this universe and make them one.

brother. sister,

you may be smaller. younger. but you are much bigger than myself. you have taught me things that no university could ever. we have traveled to the pits of hell an back, but with you by my side, it felt like i was riding first class the entire trip. be brave. love with every ounce of your being. and never let anyone ever steal your smile. and if they do, know that i am always here to offer you mine.


you are a partner in crime. a “just haven’t met you yet”. a role model. overfill each of those roles. enjoy every minute of that. every secret kept, kissed exchanged, or piece of advice given. embrace that because you are irreplaceable in the very sense of your existence in the lives of others. you are a friend. a lover. a sister. but remember, ultimately you are you. you are the only person in this world that you have to spend 100% of your time with. so you might as well start to like her.


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