don’t wait.

as new years eve quietly, but quickly approaches, i have been spending most of my down time observing the scrambling of people trying to find their resolutions. the one thing that will make 2014 their year. the change that they will make in their lives that will erase all of the wrong doing, cheat days, and mistakes that occupied their 2013. and don’t get me wrong, i’m all for change (ya’ll know this by now), but in my mind, i don’t think that we should wait until the ball drops to make these changes.

yes, we are automatically granted a time for change reminder every 365 days, but we are certainly not limited to this alone. every 24 hours, you’re lucky enough to be given a new day. a new day that is waiting to be filled with resolutions. just imagine if you were to make a “new days resolution” everyday; so instead of just the 1 that you count down to, you would have 364 more positive changes in your life each year.

and yes, there will be times where a “new days resolution” just isn’t plausible, and that’s okay. all i am saying is don’t wait. don’t wait until you open that new calendar to eat healthy and exercise. don’t wait until midnight to kiss with mad passion the one you love. don’t wait until January 1st to say i’m sorry. just don’t wait until that 365th day to start making change.


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