when i am asked where do you live?, i am often tempted to say my mind.

i am a resident of my soul and my body the landlord. and contrary to what our parents drilled into our minds and to what society has whispered into our ears, we are so seldom entitled to this earth. we are not controlled by the universe. nor can the universe put a trigger to our head and force us to surrender.

you have yourself. your body. breath. tears. your thoughts. yes. your thoughts. that is where you, and only you, can call home. they are your safe haven. your light at the end of the tunnel. the smile in a crowd comprised of your worst enemies. you have full control of what you think. your thoughts cannot be objectified to answers on a test or something to be deemed as right and wrong.

they are yours. hold them; but make sure to share. polish them off; but never forget their roots. actively breathe them; but remember to also let them settle.

but when you speak they become real. and when written, what they become is truth. and yes. there will be times where they do smudge your notebook or slip the tongue. they will become real. they will construct your truth. accept that. trust that. let that wrap you in its arms and say thank you.

i am the sum of my parts. a result of a broken love. the victim of the occasional smudge and slip. but ultimately, when i am asked where do you live?, i say my mind.


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