i have always been told “you never truly appreciate a moment until it has become a memory.”  so i search for moments great enough to turn into memories and wait. wait to appreciate that moment days, months, years after it has passed. wait for that memory to mean more than that very moment in time.

but just as the sky is not always blue and the moon does not always bend, a memory is not always more than the moment from which it stemmed. some moments are meant to stay moments. moments where you memorized every little detail of that moment; those are the moments that give life a pulse.

the world stops spinning. your heartbeat quickens and your eyes begin to close. and everything around you becomes obsolete as that moment is born. as you breathe in the salt air from the sea for the first time. and that synchronized breath before a first kiss will always mean more than the memory that will be labeled ex lovers past.

memories will be there. there to string together those moments that passively enter our lives and occupy space in our hearts. but moments, those moments that could stop a memory dead in its tracks with nothing more than a single glance. those moments are meant to stay. they have already been. they have already seen. they are what they are destined to be. and in those moments, we find our self.


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