every single time i look into your eyes, my head wishes that it had never said that first hello. but every time you look into mine, my heart tells my head to shut up and enjoy the view because it ain’t getting much better than this.

it’s called oxytocin. it comes from the Greek origins of quick and  sudden,  just like the very moment you entered into my life, stamped your eyes onto my heart, and filled my breath  with your words.

you, are the reason why i write poetry, drink too much coffee, and listen to sad songs in the dark. and yes, i will admit i am a cliche, but a cliche that memorized the very angle in which your smile curves when you listen to our favorite song.

love, we spent most of our lives apart but once the paths diverged i could not look away. it was something akin to a train wreck that someone had meticulously planned and orchestrated. and because of oxytocin, i had forgotten what it felt like to miss you.


“wait, is that right?”  i don’t even care; we have never been good at spelling anyway.

“can you use it in a sentence?” sure, but your smile already wrote it into a novel.

oxytocin. the cuddle drug. the love hormone. one, any, or all of the above; it is all irrelevant as long as it is there. for as long as it is there, you will be by my side. you look into my eyes as i get lost into yours. the world stops spinning as our heartbeats begin to synchronize. neurons and chemicals fire in organized chaos of oh my goodness and i’m not quite sure. but nevertheless, i am here as our brains tell our hearts to whisper to our souls that this, right now, is love.


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