place your hand over your heart…

and take a deep breath. feel that? that is purpose. that is all the reason you need to smile. to be grateful.

everyday you are given approximately 17,000 breaths. 100,000 heartbeats. 17,000 chances to turn a simple breath into words so powerful that they end up taking that same breath away. 100,000 heartbeats that are longing to be filled with warmth. with love and with compassion. but so often people are denied those 17,000 breaths or only make it to their 99,999th heartbeat. things so simple, but so beautiful, are taken for granted. are overlooked. are not given the respect that they deserve. nobody is promised tomorrow, so making every one of your 17,000 and your 100,000 count today, right now, is crucial.

so place your hand over your heart. take that deep breath. physically feel your purpose. your gift. go hug a friend. spend time with your family. extend a helping hand to yourself and others. no matter what you choose to do with each second you are given, give each one of those seconds meaning.

expose each heartbeat to the world. let love in and allow it to pour out. and fill every single one of your breaths with kind words, passionate kisses, and eternal appreciation for the exhale that you are about to be given.


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