today, i was lucky enough to be reminded that i have my people.

people need people. it’s as simple as that. and yes there are days where we think the world is no match for me, myself, and i, but in the end, we need people. we need support. a shoulder. an “i’m really proud of you”. and you might not be born to your people or even meet them until you are right on the edge of i am truly convinced that i am my only person. but they will come. they will enter into your life, grab your hand, and remind you that edge was merely a sidewalk. and then they will continue to hold your hand as you grace down that very same sidewalk. and regardless of how many sidewalks you and your people may diverge onto, they’re still your people. and you’ll know it. they are as clear as the sky is blue and as real as 2 plus 2. and you, will find security in those hands that guided on that first walk.

and remember, people need people. and you will end up being some people’s person. so show support. give someone the gift of your shoulder. take their hand and whisper “i’m really proud of you”. your people will come to you. and you, you will find your people. and in that, i leave you with the words that one of my people scribbled into my high school yearbook- “just remember, everything always works itself out”.


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