to break is not to be broken

we have all been there- right on the cusp of a nervous breakdown, a panic attack, a “throw my hands in the air and give up” sort of fit. but we stop ourselves. we put on a tough face, suppress the urge to lose it, and fight like hell not to cry. breaking has a stigma; a stigma to which we have all fallen victim to. we think that once we break, once we throw our hands in the air and cry with everything we have in us, that we are broken. broken to the point of not being fixed.

gluing together pieces that are meant to fall apart just for the sake of saving face; it’s what we most often do. people fear breaking. they fear being seen as “weak”. but the real weakness in life is holding in and denying your body and mind of a break that they need. breaking does not lead to broken. breaking leads to new beginnings, stronger smiles, and the weight of a million bricks being lifted off your shoulders.

you will break. and you will heal. you will not reside in some permanent state of broke. your mind and your body will bounce back. you will be okay. better than okay. you are a lot stronger than you think. breaking will expose depths of yourself that you did not think existed.  you will be stronger, resilient, rejuvenated. you will be relieved and you will thank yourself.

breaking will fix you; trust me. falling apart is strength. it is not letting fear of vulnerability control you. it is raw. it is beauty.


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