unrequited love.

oh no.

not another poem like this.

can’t you all just coexist without needing to love someone who just cannot do the same? someone who resides in your reality, but really only lives in your dreams?

but we hold hands and spend hours laughing together and building each other up.

dear, stop yourself you are only creating your own scars. this love has built prison bars around your heart and she holds the key.

because she merely brushed your hand as she ran into another’s arms. and while you were falling in love with her laugh, she thought the joke had already ended. and those walls that you built for we could not stand alone because she was only building for she.

holding on to a maybe someday is like trying to grasp onto air in the middle of the ocean. it’s like looking for sobriety at the bottom of a bottle. and like only getting the storm instead of the calm. and why can’t you see that butterflies only matter when they live in both of your stomachs. why can’t you see that you deserve for the world to hug you back. and that this is only half as good as love can be. why can’t you see?

because. her blue eyes have stolen mine.



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