love poems are dumb. silly. cliché. and overused.


why do roses have to be red and violets blue? and why you get to decide what love looks like for me?

and speaking of me, i was not expecting to be hit by a ton of bricks. but let me tell you, bricks have gotten a hell of a lot prettier since the last time i checked.

still, love poems are dumb. but so is the smile that you have plastered on my face.

dumb is me spending 90 percent of my day wondering what i did to deserve your eyes. and the other 10 percent wishing i could see them in person.

dumb smells like coffee and feels like butterflies. dumb is colored purple and tastes like salt from the tears of laughter swimming down my face.

and you know, some would say that god blessed my broken road. but in fact this is the break in my path.

a break from mistrust. mislust. miss always too afraid to be happy.

so, welcome little miss sunshine. let’s prove to the world how dumb love poems can truly be.


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