2017; a year of gratitude.

2016 tested my strength. my will. my very faith in mankind. i was fired from a job that meant the world to me, was diagnosed with chronic PTSD, and was left heartbroken by the first woman i had ever loved. i counted down the days. minutes. seconds. until that perceptually awful year was over.

i was blinded by the undeniable and completely validated misfortunes that 2016 threw my way, and because of this i ended the year unable to remember the good. those moments that brought me laughter. joy. freedom. wisdom. the good was there, but because of the tunnel vision that the hard times gave me, i discounted it and labeled 2016 as horrific and unspeakable.

i do not want to be sitting here 365 days from now with that same tunnel vision. because the reality is that life is messy. 2017 will throw me curve balls. i will cry (i have cried!). i will struggle. but i am a firm believer in silver linings. and so for the entirety of 2017 i will post a daily gratitude. a silver lining. no matter how big or small it may be. so here it goes… gotta make up for the past 9 days!

01.01.2017: rang in the new year with some great (new!) friends in the city. spent the entire day relaxing in bed. opened my 2017 ‘recovery warriors’ calendar.

01.02.2017: first run of 2017 and PR’d like it was nothing. felt amazing!

01.03.2017: dinner and bowling date night with one of the most wonderful people in my life. patrick you beautiful queen, i love you.

01.04.2017: officially started working at center for discovery!

01.05.2017: registered for the chicago half marathon.

01.06.2017: trusted my gut and decided to not work at TK, and i was so proud of myself because of it. GNO in naperville. loved the nostalgia!

01.07.2017: amazingly encouraging session with katie. for the first time in my life i truly believed and felt someone be proud of me for following my heart and putting myself first. first outing to build-a-bear with my clients. the smiles on their faces were priceless. i felt like i belonged at CFD. that this is where i was meant to be growing as a clinician at this moment in life.

01.08.2017: made my placemat for when i eat with my clients.

01.09.2017: first bachelor night with the girls.


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