the one with a sinus infection from hell

i’m fairly certain that i have spent more time in my bed within the past 72 hours than i have in my entire lifetime. a combination of wonky midwest weather changes, indescribable stress, and a genetic predisposition to chronic sinus infections and migraines does not make for a happy, nor functional, megan! but with lots of sleep under my belt and antibiotics in hand, i am beginning to feel much better and function at a somewhat productive level. so i may have been MIA in terms of posting my daily gratitudes, but they did not go forgotten. thus, let’s play catch up!

01.27.2017: meal prepped for the weekend and early week all morning. tried out some new recipes and all with ingredients i already had in my kitchen. so i saved a lot of money, time, and energy on even going to the grocery store.

01.28.2017: i had the whole house peacefully to myself and spent nearly an hour and a half on the phone laughing with michelle.

01.29.2017: wrote a blog post that i am incredibly proud of and excited about. also, after about a week of watching, i have committed to loving himym.

01.30.2017: had a really productive, meaningful, and validating conversation about mental health stigma with my therapist. it’s these conversations that remind me that i am never being pathologized by her, but instead viewed simply as another human who is willing to admit and accept that they need help. this is how i view my own clients in hopes that this stigma will eventually dissipate.



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