in just nearly 5 short months from now, i will be running my first half marathon. this is something that i have always wanted to do, but never for the right reasons. i truly used to believe that if everyday i ran one more mile than the last, then i would finally like my body or maybe my mom would even love me.

boy was i wrong.

luckily years ago, i realized that excessively running on nothing but a cup of dry cereal and self-hatred, was not going to take away all of the pain and trauma i had been trying to avoid.

so i gave recovery a chance. and in return, recovery ended up giving me a second chance at life. recovery gave me a fresh start. recovery gave me a new body; one that i no longer recognized, but one that i welcomed.

running and yoga give me that connection to my body. and so as i officially began half marathon training today, it’s nice to reflect on how far i have come. and how truly amazing is is that i am running solely for the purpose of appreciating and connecting entirely with the body i have worked so hard to love.

oh and i PR’ed. so that’s cool!


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