10 lessons i’ve learned in the first 72 hours after moving out.

  1. i know how to build a bed. and a bookshelf.
  2. essential oils save lives. especially when your neighbors smoke.
  3. i really do think that windex is the solution to every mess.
  4. the invention of the chromecast blows my mind and reminds me how technologically ignorant i am.
  5. money always works itself out.
  6. i will never regret doubling my bedroom as a yoga studio.
  7. nobody can ever yell at me for eating pizza again. or anything for that matter. i can finally, FINALLY eat and not be scrutinized for it!
  8. it’s okay to cry. and it’s okay to miss something i never had. the parents, the home, the childhood. i do not have parents. i cannot have parents. it hurts like hell. but not nearly as bad as it would hurt if i kept myself in an unhealthy situation.
  9. this is only the beginning. i now have to start dealing with the post in my PTSD. the days of having to fend for my life and for my sanity have come to a close. the process of teaching my body and brain to accept safety has begun.
  10. this is all going to be worth it.

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